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How do you claim for lost luggage?
How do you claim for lost luggage?2017-09-05

Lost baggage should pay attention to the following two points for attention:

1. the compensation price is calculated by weight

There are national and international standards for the compensation for lost luggage. In accordance with the provisions of the domestic air transport, carrier and liability limit, the compensation standard for the lost luggage of PC luggage cases is 100 yuan / kg. The international routes according to the "Montreal Convention", compensation $30 per kilogram, checked baggage and checked baggage up to a maximum amount of SDR 1000 (1 of the SDR value equal to about $1.37, its price is floating).

If the weight is not confirmed, the free baggage allowance shall be compensated in accordance with the passenger cabin class. Checked baggage is delayed, the one-time compensation standard is 300 yuan, ordinary class business class 400 yuan, 500 yuan first-class cabin.

From the above provisions clearly, because the market is more expensive travel box is often in the light, by weight compensation, often suffer, even luggage costs are not enough, the traveler can be prepared!

2, valuables lost, not compensation!

Many travelers will often covet boarding light, portable computer, SLR cameras and other valuables into the luggage bag, that protective clothing is no problem, in fact, airline baggage handling is losing, "rude", in order to avoid accidents, do not recommend in the precious and fragile items.

Generally speaking, the airlines have the right not to compensate for any valuables such as cash, bills or laptops. In addition, if the passenger has not checked in on time and baggage formalities, or checked baggage has prohibited items, the airline also has the right not to pay compensation.

However, in international routes, if the lost baggage is of higher value, passengers can also provide relevant value proof materials, and may also claim in accordance with the Montreal convention.

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