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Travel, improve self prevention, prevent baggage loss
Travel, improve self prevention, prevent baggage loss2017-09-05

There are so many incidents of baggage lost every year. Sometimes it's not the airline's responsibility. There may be too many passengers, baggage claims confusion, or their luggage and other people are too similar, the wrong lead has also occurred. To this end, the PC tie box Xiaobian reminds travelers that the following should be done:

1, wake up twelve points spirit. Stay alert at the airport, take good care of your luggage, check in and check in on time.

2, the baggage to be checked well. The provisions of the "China civil aviation passengers, baggage domestic transport rule", the checked baggage must be packed well locked and tied up, can withstand a certain pressure, during normal operating conditions of the safe handling and transport, otherwise, airlines can refuse collection and transportation. International flights do not force passengers to lock their luggage. It is generally advised to lock them up as much as possible. It is important to note that baggage is not normally allowed at the airport in the United States, so you have to tidy up.

3, avoid excessive luggage. When checked, the weight of the luggage is generally limited. Passengers should avoid checking excessive baggage so as not to cause damage to the luggage.

4, to do even the trunk. May wish to look for their new in order to be different, do personalized graffiti, suitcase stickers and other decorations, can also tie a eye-catching scarf, or in the trunk marked name display identification mark. In this way, if you are taken seriously, others can also find the owner according to the information on the trunk.

5, the proposed baggage for the first time count, confirm the error, leaving the airport.

The above is PC tie rod box Xiaobian finishing on the prevention of luggage lost, and I hope all of you help.

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