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How to claim luggage
How to claim luggage2017-08-22

Loss of luggage should pay attention to the following two points to pay attention to matters:

1. The price of compensation is calculated by weight

Loss of baggage compensation standards are domestic and international points. According to the "domestic air transport carrier and liability limit provisions", passenger baggage PC trolley box lost compensation standard of 100 yuan / kg. While the international route is compensated for $ 30 per kilogram in accordance with the provisions of the Montreal Convention and the maximum amount of checked baggage and non-checked baggage is 1000 SDRs (1 SDR value is approximately $ 1.37 and its parity is floating of).

Can not confirm the weight, according to the passenger class level to enjoy the free baggage weight compensation. Check the baggage delay, one-time compensation standard: ordinary room 300 yuan, business class 400 yuan, first class 500 yuan.

From the above provisions can be seen, because the market is more expensive suitcase is often more light, in terms of weight compensation, often suffer, and even the cost of luggage is not enough, travelers have to be psychologically prepared!

2, valuables lost, not compensation!

Many travelers love to board the light, often portable computers, SLR cameras and other valuables stuffed into the suitcase, that the bag on the protection of clothes no problem, in fact, the handling of air baggage is often lost to throw, more "rude" It is not advisable to put precious and fragile items for accidents.

In general, if the checked baggage has valuables, such as cash, notes, laptop computers, etc., the airline has the right not to compensate. In addition, if the passengers did not check-in and baggage on time, or checked baggage in the prohibited items, the airline also has the right not to compensation.

However, if the value of checked baggage is high when an international route is taken, the passenger can provide proof of the relevant value and may also claim under the Montreal Convention.

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